Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another Quick Update

Nick has had the flu. Kaisha had to go one better and get Bronchiolitis. She started on steroids today so hopefully we get to sleep tonight. Coen sleeps 8 hrs. every night and has been for the last week. So far he and I are fine so fingers crossed it stays that way.

3am Cheekiness

All grown up and alert.


Baby Talk - Coen is learning to coo and loves to have a "conversation".


wayne.roxy said...

CUTE pics!! and i love that the cutest pic of all was taken at 3am!!haha :)

Mike and Caroline said...

Wow, When I watched the little video, I 'saw'Nick! He does have a Kaisha look about him, doesn't he! Dear little chap! Thanks for all the pics etc, I love them! xx to you all!