Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holiday Update

We had two restful weeks off work from Christmas day on. We stayed at home during that time and stayed inside most of the time because it rained so much. I'm sure everyone has seen photos of the flood that is happening here at the moment. we are not affected at all although Nick can't get to work as it is across the river. Otherwise we wouldn't know it is going on as we have had 2 days of lovely weather. Below are some of the photos taken since Christmas.

Inside picnic! While it has been raining the whole time it has also still been hot and very muggy.

Kaisha & Reuben at Ikea. I have been organising! Once I get it all sorted I will post some photos.

Redcliffe lagoon on one of the few sunny days. Unfortunately most other people had the same idea.
Anna & Kaisha

Melissa & Kaisha

Laura, Kaisha & Anna swimming

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