Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Sorted

We live in a relatively small house. Our house does have 3 bedrooms but they are by no means very large bedrooms. On top of that it doesn't really have much storage. And add to that my love of craft and Nick's love of playing computer games and you had our bedroom which was a complete dumping ground. Everything that couldn't fit anywhere else was in our bedroom. Plus Nick's computer as the games that he plays often have very scary characters in them that aren't really suitable for little eyes. Well they would have given me nightmares as a kid anyway. And then there was all my craft things. Below is the result of our trip to Ikea over the holidays. We now have our bedroom back! Nick has his corner and I have all my stuff organised and put away neatly. Best of all my sewing machine can stay out which means that hopefully I will get to do more crafts. On a side note I have been borrowing a friend's sewing machine for about 6 months and have finally decided to buy one myself. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? We also swapped our bed which was a queen bed for the spare bed which is a double bed. Its amazing the difference this made in space! We have a no kids in our bed rule and now we really can't break it as there is just no room.

This is Kaisha's room. We got a bit more storage for her dolls, accessories and barbies and its looking really great. Best of all everything has a place.
Now we just have to get the baby's room sorted. We have unfortunately had to give up our guest room for the time being. Our couch folds out into a bed and we have lots of tents we can always put up on the lawn. We may put a single bed into the baby's room but will see how everything fits.


Reon and Andrea said...

Looks good! xx

Edna said...

Looks nice and neat. Don't you just love all the things they have now to organize with? Kaisha is getting so bit and is truly a cutie. Love Edna

Edna said...

Melisa, this is the only way I can get in touch with Alton and Liz. Would you tell them to send us an e-mail so we can get their address. We lost our computer a week ago today and lost all of our e-mail address'es. By the way would you send an e-mail and we can get your address as well.
Thank you Edna