Tuesday, January 04, 2011

28 Weeks

I'm into the 3rd Trimester. I see saw from thinking I have ages left with 12 weeks to go to thinking maybe I only have 4 weeks which is no time at all! As Nick and I are both still on holiday we are spending this week getting the nursery set up as we don't want a repeat of last time when we were totally unorganized and had nothing ready. I go back to work next tuesday and will only be working 2 days from then on so hopefully I am taking it alot easier this time. While I have Sciatica just as bad as last time I have yet to start swelling up like I did so hopefully that is a good sign. The obstetrician has said that there are no indicators that I will go early which is good.

This photo was taken when I was pregnant with Kaisha at 28 weeks

And this was taken this week at the same amount of weeks.


Edna said...

I hope everything goes very well for you and the baby. I miss little babies, I think everyone loves babies.

Caroline said...

Hi Mel, you look about the same? Cute idea to take the very same picture!! xx