Friday, November 26, 2010


I haven't been using my camera a whole lot lately. The below are just a couple of random shots from the last few weeks. The plan is to actually charge the battery on it and use it especially in the lead up to Christmas. We will be putting our tree up soon and Kaisha is very excited about Christmas and Santa coming. I'm already getting good mileage out of "Santa won't come if your not a good girl" Lets just hope it lasts for the next month!

In other news I now have a replacement at work. Its brilliant! She does all the lab work and I sit at the desk and do all the paper work which means that my sciatica is alot better and I have so much more energy.

More later in the week.....


Reon and Andrea said...

She's growing up way to fast! Where did my little niece go?! We really do need to skype! xxoo

Caroline said...

she's loving the book, anna!