Friday, November 05, 2010

Its a .........................


We are doing blue this time around. I had my 20week scan today and everything went really well.

This photo was taken by Kaisha and I thought I looked kinda glowing finally. At week 19 the nausea has FINALLY stopped and I am starting to develop a normal relationship with food again. Unfortunately the sciatica is starting to hurt just like it did last time round. Ahh the joys of being pregnant. I'm getting lots of kicks and nudges these days which I love and am still really tired and needing a nap if I can manage it. Yesterday I put a DVD on for Kaisha and went to bed as she was refusing to sleep and yelling the house down. I woke up 40minutes later to this.

Yes that is toilet paper. She had shredded half a roll.


Edna said...

Bet you are on cloud 9 since you are having a boy, that is wonderful. Love your picture, you look good and Kaisha's are cute. I am glad you keep her pictures posted so we can see her as she grows up.
Love ya'll B&E

Caroline said...

You look gorgeous in the pic!

Nicole Hoff said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!! boys are so much fun!! so excited for you!!! kaisha will love her lil brother!! :)

Jo said...

I've just rediscovered your blog, so reading through some of the entries...

Glad Dexter will have a little playmate soon!

I've decided it's sometimes worth the accompaning peace and quiet when Dexter gets into the wipes and spreads them over the room. Wouldn't be quite as messy as toilet paper, but I'm sure he'll discover that one day too!