Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kaisha's 3rd birthday.

We had Kaisha's Birthday today. Her birthday isn't actually until the 22nd of December but as she is young enough, and I wanted to have the time to give her a proper birthday, I decided to pick a day and do it early. Below are heaps of pictures of the day, be warned!

A look of delight

on spotting her present from Nana & Grandad

From Laura

And from Mama & Dad

Cooking in the Kitchen. Mama & Dad then went off to get the party ready while Kaisha stayed at Nana's to play with her new toys.

Helping Nana make butterfly cakes

All set up

Presents from Maeve

and Reuben


and Sienna


Blowing out the candles

Helpers in the kitchen

Cookie decorating
Treats to put on the cookies





And Kaisha

Party favours

We all had a great day and Kaisha was exhausted by the end but held up like a trooper. She had fallen asleep tonight before I even got out of the room which is a first.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!! Thanks for putting them up so fast!!! xx Janelle

Reon and Andrea said...

Love them they are SO cute!! Your cake was awesome!xo

Nicole Hoff said...

What a beautiful party for such a precious 3 yr old! Everything looks gorgeous! And great idea with the decorating cupcakeS! Happy birthday!! :)

Jo said...

Wow, you would've been very busy! Everything looks SO cute. The kids would've loved decorating the cookies! Great idea!!

Edna said...

Looks like Kaisha had a wonderful birthday party. She will have good memories of it. Love ya'll