Monday, December 24, 2007

3 Days Old

Hi everyone,

Well it appears that this blog is going to be updated more often these days. Something exciting must have happenned. Anyway enough nonsense you say where are the pictures. Well scroll down. Kaisha has finished all her medications today so the hospital staff have taken out her line so she doesn't have the splint on her arm anymore which is good.

She may need some light therapy for jaundice tomorrow but they are going to test her for that tomorrow. She has been breathing on her own and the nurses say she is doing very well.

Mel has come home this afternoon, the hospital needed her bed and there is not much reason for her to be in there apart from it would have been nice to be closer to Kaisha. Anyway we will be spending a fair amount ot time at the hospital over the next month or two.

Enjoy the pictures.


Kaisha Amber


Grant and Liz said...

She's a little cutie!

The Hoffs said...

Congratulations all the way from Texas, USA! Melissa and I were friends when she lived in Alpine, Tx USA when she was younger. Please tell her hello for me. Kaisha is beautiful!

The Hoffs said...

Oh and my name is Nicole Hoff, formerly Smith!