Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jaya Esme Wood

Hello everyone, Nick here.
Just a quick post to share with you the day the 5th member of our family arrived.

At about 6:30am Melissa's waters broke, we quickly tried to get Kaisha & Coen fed and dressed. By 7:45am we dropped them in the door of their daycare (literally).At 8:00am we arrived at the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital, baby was already well on the way.

8:20am Jaya Esme Wood was born. 3.41kg or 7lb 8oz

Mel and Jaya are both doing well. Jaya is totally different to the first two. She is already feeding like a champion, in-between sleeps.

And what everyone is waiting for:
Warning: Some photos below were taken quite soon after birth.

 Jaya - just born
 Cuddles with Mum
 The midwives
 On the scales
 Nana came to visit quite early on
 Siblings meet

 Coen checking out what all the fuss is about
 Grandad's first hold
 Our family
 Worn out

I'm sure there will be more to follow in the coming days.

Night all,


Anonymous said...

She is just absolutely gorgeous and I want a cuddle so bad!!!!! I LOVE the photos of Kaisha and Coen cuddling her! Aww so cute!! Well done Mama! Love Andrea xx

Edna said...

Congratulations on #3. She is a beautiful baby, and hope ya'll do well. Babies are so wonderful to have, hold, and love. Very good pictures.
Love Brue and Edna

lewisandmerle said...

I'm most impressed Nick with your post of your new little bundle :-) Congratulations Mx