Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catch Up

I'm not taking too many photos these days but here are a few taken over the last 4 months.
Coen loves to vacuum - it drive me crazy!

Coen gardening
 It was quiet one day and I couldn't find Coen. Eventually I found him here. He love to garden and can often be found digging in the dirt.

They were in a plane - flying to the north pole to see Santa

Yes she sleeps with her legs crossed!
 At the petting zoo
Coen's favourite animal was the ducks

Kaisha wasn't sure

Bike riding

Book reading

Having a picnic with dolly
 Kaisha will only eat pizza if she helps make it.

More family reading time

Yep, we are at this stage again.

Beautiful Kaisha


Janelle said...

Love the last photo of Kaisha - Gorgeous. She's so grown up!

Edna said...

Pictures of your children brings back a lot of memories of when our children were that age. Love it.