Friday, February 18, 2011

First Bath

Coen had his first bath a couple of days ago. He hated getting in but loved it once he was in.

Skin to skin cuddles with mum

Coen is doing well, we had 3 really good breastfeeds on wednesday and 2 on thursday. We have to have 4 to 5 a day consistently with weight gain before we can take him home. He was tested for Jaundice on thursday as he is beginning to look a bit yellow and was quite sleepy. His bilirubin level was right on the border to go under lights. The Dr decided to test him again in the morning and see how he goes.


wayne.roxy said...

precious!he looks beautiful and we're so happy for u all that hes doing so well!!

Reon and Andrea said...

Hes so tiny! I want a cuddle!! xx

Edna said...

He looks so cute, glad he is eating. Once he gets started he will want to eat all the time. Love the pictures. eb

Nicole Hoff said...

Keep up the great work mama! hes precious!