Monday, February 28, 2011

All Home

Coen was finally discharges from hospital on Wednesday. Nick and I spent Monday and Tuesday nights staying in the parent craft apartment at the hospital. This was to make sure that Coen had the strength to do all his breast feeds. I can assure you he has no problem and in fact wakes us up every 2 - 3 hours unlike Kaisha who we had to wake up. On Friday we had to go back to the hospital for a weight check and he had gained 102g in 2 days.

Kaisha loves her little brother but doesn't really pay him too much attention. She has been more naughty than usual since I got home but hopefully she settles down soon. She likes to have holds of Coen which last all of 20 seconds at which point she lets go and walks off.

Kaisha's first hold

Going home

Grandma and the Grandkids

An average sized coffee cup for perspective

Mother of two

On Saturday we went down to the Gold Coast to pick up a baby capsule I bought off ebay. We all fitted into Anna's 7 seater although with the 2 carseats it was a squash. We went to Pacific Fair for a bit of shopping afterwards.

The Grandmothers decided that an ice cream was a perfectly acceptable lunch.

Coen in the baby sling - Nick got lots of attention

Dinner with the (2nd) Cousins. Kaisha, Beau & Delta


Edna said...

Nice pictures, Coen is a cutie and the one picture he is so wide awake. Kaisha probably feels like someone is getting her place. Love ya'll

wayne.roxy said...

Love it!!!! Thanks for the pics, so cute!! Love Andrea xxoo (I'm on roxy's computer so I think it is automatically signed in as her)