Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Xmas and New Years

There was just the four of us for Christmas. David worked until 2:30 so we had dinner at 3:00 which meant we had to have lots of nibbles beforehand. Beth and I had great fun organising and cooking dinner. We ended up eating it for 3 days. We had a yucca palm for our Christmas tree with lights and everything. The rest of the week was spent reading, swimming, shopping and eating. Went to the sunshine coast 1 evening and down to the gold coast 1 day. I haven’t yet swum in the sea, it has to be really really hot for that. For New Years we went down to David’s parents at Coff’s Harbour. Spent New Years eve at a fair and watched the fire works. New Years day we went to the beach. I found the banana plantations around Coff’s fascinating. All the hills are covered in banana trees. The banana’s are all covered in plastic bags so they ripen evenly. Each tree yields 1 bunch of banana per year. Last night we went on a walk with some of the friends. They walk every Monday night along the river through town and back along south bank to a café. Was a really nice walk. We saw some people feeding possums in the park. Apparently they are considered cute over here and are a protected species. At the café Nick and I had the unfortunate luck of not sitting under an umbrella. The flying foxes (a type of fruit bat) in the tree overhead welcomed us by poohing on us. How was your Christmas and New Years? We hear it is cold over there. Let us know how you are all getting on.

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