Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Well, we still dont have pictures because we forgot to bring the download software for our camera. Anyway: Australia so far!

We arrived on a friday afternoon, it was nice and warm (almost hot). Then for the next week it was still warm but it rained every day. Brisbane seems to get afternoon thunder storms quite often (like three times a week) but they pass quickly and the sun comes out again.

The first saturday we had David and Beth organised to go wakeboarding with some guys they knew, Craig and Tim, who also have a brother Wes who is apparently very good. But he was at convention that weekend. Hoping to go again sometime. That was also Melissa's birthday.

Anyway since then it has been hot! This weekend just passed we went to Graeme and Colleen Helms (mums cousin) down in Alstonville NSW, taking our new car on a journey. It was a nice relaxing weekend.

The car is a Nissan Micra Super S, and I will have to get pictures up because it is really cute. Its a small zippy little car painted in bright metalic gold. Anyway hard to describe a car so you all will have to wait for the pictures. It went very well on our trip, and only costs $27 to fill it up, which takes us 500km so we are pretty happy.

Last night we went for a drive to see if we could see some of the christmas lights, they have a competition over here, so we were heading out to the house that is rated top at the moment. It was a stormy night, lightening everywhere, and we were going through some lights when some lightening came down. It must have been very close to us because the set of lights suddenly went out, followed by the next two sets of lights. It was quite scary. I have never been that close to lightening before.

This morning is a very dull day, so it probably wont get to hot today. David and I are going to play tennis soon, while its still cool.

This coming thursday Mel and I are going to Dreamworld with Graeme, Colleen and Kids so that should be fun.

Anyway dont forget to email us.

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