Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

Kaisha came home from daycare and insisted that Coen wanted to watch a DVD with her. They sat like this for 20 minutes while I got dinner on. (She had a pillow on her knee which he was basically lying on).

Easter weekend consisted of................

Cuddles with the kids

Lying outside in the sun
(Okay I admit it was only for about 5 minutes, but there were green ants and they bite.)

Going to the festival of Sails to see the Easter Bunny. Kaisha actually went quiet while we were there. It was hot and there were soooo many people. Not really a kid friendly environment.

We watched the Easter Bunny parachute in.

And collected easter eggs from his helpers.

We got out first smiles - this is a bad photo, will try and get a proper one this week.

And baked cupcake. Thanks to Aunty Janelle for the cool gel colours.

I visited spotlight.

Then made myself a skirt, I was only half following a pattern so I think I unpicked everything I sewed at least once. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.

Kaisha dragged Coen off to play in her room with her.

And he was left to sleep in his bouncer.

Big blue eyes at 3am.

Coen also moved into his big cot.
Yes he sleeps on his tummy (its a cot death risk but he has a breathing monitor). This is because he only poops once a week. In fact he finally pooped today after 11 days. Yes you read that right, eleven. This means that we save lots of money on wipes but he gets a bit of a sore tummy after the first 7 days. And when it finally happens its a BIG event. No wonder he is growing so fast!


Mike and Caroline said...

These are awesome!!

Reon and Andrea said...

Love these photos! They are all so cute, can't wait to see you guys in a few months!! xxoo