Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photo Overload

Its been a while since I last updated so this is a post of photos.
Coen is growing like a weed. He put on 1kg in his first month and now weighs 3.5kg.
Kaisha seems to have adapted a little more to not being the center of attention. She is starting to play by herself a bit more and isn't being so naughty, as long as she has had enough sleep.

Sleeping baby

You can't catch me!


100% Kiwi

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Edna said...

He is growing in leaps and bounds isn't he? He is so cute, be nice to see your family. I think Kaisha is bigger since you brought your baby home.
Tomorrow is the first day of Spring here. We will probably have more winter as this past month has been spring. Flowers blooming and trees getting green. I do like spring.
Love ya'll eb