Friday, December 24, 2010

Southbank Lunch

Last week I met Royal & Ellen Stewart and their daughter'in'law Bethany in at South Bank for lunch. It was a stinking hot day and Kaisha and I got there a bit early so she had a wee swim. We were planning on more swimming after lunch but a massive storm came thru so we sat and watched the lightening instead. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of them which was a bit silly! I made a break for it when it stopped raining and made it to the car park only to drive out into the end of the world. There was water everywhere and scary wind gusts and lightening/thunder. Was quite the experience but we made it home safe.

There is a really neat kids water park that comes on every half hour and squirts water all over the place. Beware unsuspecting parents.


Edna said...

Does Royal and his family still live in Canada? He came here one time with Alton along with 2 other boys, but I don't remember their names.
Did you see Nadine Throgmorton at your convention? She grew up in New Mexico and have known her all of her life.
Have a good day.

Nick & Mel said...

Hi Edna
Royal and most of the family still live in Canada. His son, wife and grandson live here in Brisbane so they were visiting.
No we didn't see Nadine at convention.
Have a great day too!