Sunday, August 15, 2010


Every Saturday at 7:20 Nick wakes Kaisha up to take her to swimming lessons. She comes bounding into our bed and changes into her togs and then her and daddy go off to "learn to swim" while I get a sleep in. YAY! The lesson is from 8:00 to 8:30. This week Kaisha had new togs which she was extra excited about. At the lessons they learn to slide into a pool, jump in, pull themselves out, kick to the edge and that sort of thing. We enrolled Kaisha as she has always been fairly wary of water, to the point that she won't get into the bath, sometimes for months on end. (We did wash her, but it involved a lot of screaming). It has definitely helped and she now loves lolling in the bath for ages. Hopefully this summer she will also be more confident when we go to the pool or beach too.


behappy said...

Love your blog and pictures, otherwise we would never see how beautiful your little Kaisha is getting, and growing like a weed. I am glad she is learning how to swim as I never did learn and I know I have missed out on a lot of "water fun". I have taken water aerobics, but that isn't compared to swimming.
Have a good week.
Love B&E

Anonymous said...

Mummy is in bed still! Love it!!

Caroline said...

whoops that mummy comment was me! lol